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A Better Jighead For Fluke

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013   1:19 PM  | Fishing Tips & TechniquesWFN Community
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I have always liked to experiment with freshwater techniques to see which ones will work in saltwater. About 5 years ago I bought a few bass jigs with silicone skirts, the ones you put the pork frog on for catching largemouth bass. I cut the weed guard off and put on a D.O.A. CAL paddle tail soft plastic bait and dropped it down to the bottom to vertical jig for fluke. They worked great as long as I could keep the jig vertical. These jigs were designed for cast and retrieve and they scoped out to quickly. I quickly tired of constantly reeling in and dropping the jig down every 30 seconds so I went back to using bucktails and jigheads designed for vertical jigging. Three years ago I was in Bass Pro Shop in Ft Meyers Fl roaming around the isles when I spotted the C&H Alien Jig. It was a silicone skirted jig designed for saltwater speices with the hook eye on the top, perfect for vertical jigging. http://www.candhlures.com/inshore-surf-fishing/alien-jig-inshore-skirted.html  I bought a few packs in white and chartreuse for fluke fishing. I went out with my friend Mike who also fishes light tackle & light jigs. He tied on a white buckktail with a 4″ chartreuse Gulp Swimming Mullet and I tied on a white C&H Alien Jig with a 4″ chartreuse  Gulp Swimming Mullet. The skirted jig out fished the bucktail at a 2 to 1 ratio and I caught bigger fish. I went into the flats so I could see what made this jig so attractive to the fluke. The silicone skirt gave the jig a bigger profile than the bucktail and the pulsating action of the skirt looked more realistic.


The only drawback to the Alien jig is that the heaviest jig is only 1/2 oz. With a sea anchor and using 10 lb braid I can only hold the bottom 60 percent of the time. I had to use heavier bucktails when it was windy or a fast moving tide. Bucktail jigs weren’t as productive as a skirted jig so I started to add skirts to heavier jigheads. I put a Strike King Perfect skirt on some 3/4 oz Swarming Hornet jigs that I had. I use these for dirty water conditions. I needed some heavier jigs so I went to The Great South Bay B&T and talked to John Boggio, the creator of Asgard Jigs.  John set me up with some fishhead jigheads and I attached Strike King Perfect Skirts to them. These skirted jigs work better than a bucktail jig. After you give this a try I bet you will be putting silicone skirts on all your jigheads.

2013-07-23 001 (640x480)

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