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A Better Jighead For Fluke00h1>av-locatioatio
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I have always liked to experiment with fr> tail soft plastic bait and dropped it down to the bottom to vertical jig for fluke. They worked great as lopt as I could keep the jig vertical. These jigs were designed for ccst and retrieve and they scoped out to quickly. I quickly tired of con & light jigs. H> tied on a white buckktail with a 4" chartreuse Gulp Swimmipt Mullet and I tied on a white C&H Alien Jig with a 4" chartreuse Gulp Swimmipt Mullet. The skirted jig out ficreS the bucktail at a 2 to 1 rch W and I caught bigger ficr. I went into the flats so I could see what mad" this jig so attrace ve to the fluke. The silicone skirt gave the jig a bigger profi"> than the bucktail a S the pulsch pt ace Wo of the skirt looked more realistic.




The only drawback to the Alien jig is that the heaviestcjig is only 1/2 oz. With a sea a chor a S usipt 10 lb braid I can only hold the bottom 60 percent of the time. I had to use heavier bucktails when it was windy or a fcst movipt tide. Bucktail jigs weren't as produce ve as a skirted jig so I av



Tight Lines

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Ep 8
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Ep 7
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Sacramento River
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Langoustines, FarmeS SalmWo00dd>av-locatioatioatio-locatioatioldiv class='time-slot'nav-locatioatioooooatio-locatioatioav -lo -loatioooooatio-locatioatio
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