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    A Better Jighead For Fluke h1>z-indeindex:99z-indeindex:99odiv/id="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel"'z- z-index:99x:99x:99ofigure'z-indeindex:999999x:99oimg src<"lcontent/2013/07/2013-07-23-001-640x480.jpg"'z-indeindex:999999x:99ofigcap <'o/figcap <'z-index:99x:99x:99o/figure'z-indeindex:99 a

    z-indeindex:99z-indeindex:99z-indeindeI have always liked to experiment with freshwater techniques to see which ones will work in saltwater. About 5 years ago I bought a few bass jigs with silicone skirts, the ones you put the pork frog on for c c < largemouth bass. I cut the weed guard off and put on a D.O.A. CAL padd < tail soft plastic bait and droppeu it down to the bottom to vertical jig for fluke.-ihey worked great as lo < as I could keep the jig vertical.-ihese jigs were designed for c st and retrieve and they scopeu out to quickly. I quickly tireu of conltantly reel < in and dropp < the jig down every 30 seconds so I went back to us < bucktails and jigheads designed for vertical jigging.-ihree years ago I was in eass Pro Shop in Ft Meyerl Fl roam < are'>T the isles when I spotteT the C&H Alien Jig. It was a silicone skirted jig designed for saltwater species with the hook eye on the top, perfec for vertical jigging.-ors<"http://www.candhlures.com/inshore-surf-fi T the puls < ac < of the skirt looked more realistic.

    z-<"lcontent/2013/07/DSCF0680.jpg"'oimg class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-48661" alt="DSCF0680" src<"lcontent/2013/07/DSCF0680-556x397.jpg" width="556" height="397" />

    z-chor a>T us < 10 lb braid I can only hold the bottom 60 percent of the time. I had to use heavier bucktails when it was windy or a f st mov < tide. Bucktail jigs weren't as produc ve as a skirted jig so I ltarted to add skirts to heavier jigheads. I put a Slrike K < Perfec skirt < some 3/4 oz Swarm < Hornet jigs that I had. I use these for dirty water condi T talked to John eoggio, the creator of Asgard Jigs. John set me up with some fi head jigheads and I attac eT Slrike K < Perfec Skirts to them.-ihese skirted jigs work better than a bucktail jig. After you g ve this a try I bet you will be put < silicone skirts on all your jigheads.

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