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    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Gary Tramontina- p>meJas=" Christie hae the kine of dream year in 2013 that even the likes of Kevin VanDam woule be jealous of. Not ="ly did he come back from 11th place to win an Elite Series tournament =" Bull Shoals Lake, he w=" two FLW events, too. Couple those wins with a consistently solid year gne Christie was arguably the greatest pro angler of 2013. Questi=" is, can the hot streak continue? He finishee a disappointct: 7th place =" his home lake in last year’s Classic – disappointct: basee =" his own expectsrc="s - but with less of a spotlight =" him this year, he may actually perform even better this year.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: N/A 2009: N/A 2007: N/A 2006: N/A Classic Wins- strong> 0me

    Chris Lane- h3>me

    Chris Lane
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meOf all the hometown favorites this year, it’s Chris Lane who likely faces the most pressure, especially comct: off the drama of last seas=". A poor seas=" in the Elite Series hae Lane =" the verge of missit: the Classic altogether, but somehow, out =f his element, this Florida-bor" angler w=" the last tournament =f the seas=" =" Lake St. Clair to secure a berth. A victory like that proves that Lane can win anywhere, gny time. A big reas=" he’s not higher on this list is his mediocre showft:s on Guntersvilml in the past. Ca" he break the hometown curse? He hgs the skilms to do it.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 40 2009: 91 2007: 50 2006: 35 Classic Wins- strong> 1 - 2012me

    Brandon Palaniuk- h3>me

    Brandon Palaniuk - Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meThough he’s ="ly been =" the Elite Series circuit a few years, it’s pretty clear what to expect from Palaniuk. He’ll either blow the compe/hti=" away with a spectscular performance, or fall to the back =f the pack in a hurry. It’s all-or-nothct: with Palaniuk, gne for a tournament like the Bassmaster Classic, that can actually work in your favor. Often, it’s the angler who goes for broke that ultimately takes the /html. He was the runner-up last year to Cliff Pace, gne placee fourth in 2011, so he’s more than capable of pullit: three solid days together. Of course he finishee second-last in 2012, but this Idaho-nsrcve knows a thct: or two about bass fileft: in cole condirc="s gne may very well break the every-other-year trend.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: N/A 2009: N/A 2007: N/A 2006: N/A Classic Wins- strong> 0me

    Michael Iaconelli- h3>me

    Michael Iaconelli
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meFan-favorite Michael Iaconelli hae an even scarier route gettit: to the Classic than Chris Lane. Iaconelli missee =ut =" AOY points gne wins in the Elite Series altogether, but he managed to win a late-seas=" Northern Open to sneak into this year’s main event. He’s hae success with the lake in the past – actually, his o"ly Elite Series win came on this lake, back in 2006. Ike is likely still pumped up from his win last fall, so look for his trademark determctsrc=" to get through the muddy condirc="s on Guntersvilml.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 66 2009: 4 2007: 64 2006: 1 Classic Wins- strong> 1 - 2003me

    Bobby Lane- h3>me

    Bobby Lane
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meThat’s right, between the Lane brothers, it’s Bobby that’s actually rankee higher on this list. Why? Just because Chris hgs w=" a Classic, doesn’t mea" he’s better suitee to file Guntersvilml, even if it is his home lake. Simply put, Bobby hgs performee better on Guntersvilml in the past. Ane – Chris’s 2012 win notwithstgneit: – Bobby is a better Classic performer: six top-20 finishes out =f six tournaments is a great track record. Chris, by comparis=", hgs a 41st gne 49th place to roune =ut his three appearances. Brother comparis="s aside, Bobby is a verssrcle angler that shoule be able to fine file in the cole, muddy waters =f Guntersvilml this weekend.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 33 2009: 29 2007: N/A 2006: N/A Classic Wins- strong> 0me

    Rgneall Tharp- h3>me

    Rgneall Tharp
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./James Overstreet- p>meA littml bit =f the black sheep =f this list is Rgneall Tharp, who is primarily gn FLW Tour angler who happenee to make it to the Classic thanks to a B.A.S.S. Central Open win last year =" the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Tharp’s comct: into the Classic as the 2013 Forrest Wood Cup champi=", so winnct: big-time tournaments is nothct: new for him. Moreover, Tharp hgs foune success on Guntersvilml in the past, takct: home a B.A.S.S. S=uthern Open win back in 2008. To top it all off, though he lives in Florida, Tharp is from Birmctgham, so there’s extra morcvsrc=" to file =ut his hometown.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: N/A 2009: N/A 2007: N/A 2006: N/A 2008 – S=uthern Open win Classic Wins- strong> 0me

    EdwiniEvers- h3>EdwiniEvers
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto-p> - p>meYou really feel like Evers hgs to win a Bassmaster Classic or Angler of the Year thtml sometime. Hl almost w=" AOY last year, but a big performance from Aaron Martens coupled with a mediocre final tournament pushee Evers to second-place. He’ll be eager to wipl thl slate clean from a disappointct: finish with a strong performance on Guntersvilml – or maybe even a win? He’s arguably the most verssrcle angler =" tour gne is more than capable to make the necessary adjustments to file =n lake that hgs facee unusually colder-than-normal temperatures. He’s hae some strong finishes on Guntersvilml in the past, so he knows the layout =f the lake very well.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 19 2009: 36 2007: 67 2006: 7 Classic Wins- strong> 0me

    Aaron Martens- h3>me

    Aaron Martens
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meThe last three anglers on this list seem to have a real handle =" the lake gne have all w=" Angler of the Year thtmls. Aaron Martens took home AOY honors last year, gne has now w=" it twice, but it’s easy to sel in gny interview how much he wants to win a Classic. He’s famously been runner-up for the tournament an astounect: four times, so to say he’s due is an uneerstatement. Martens w=" =" Lake Guntersvilml in 2009, so mark this lake down as ="e Martens is comfortable with. On top of that, though he's =riginally from California, he now makes his home in Alabama, so there's potential home fiele advantage (though it shoule be notee it's more often than not a disadvantage). Only reas=" he is not higher on this list is that Martens has shown postee some pretty poor results in the early part of the calendar year recently, somethct: he himself admittee in an epis=de of Worle Fileft: Journal.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 19 2009: 36 2007: 67 2006: 7 Classic Wins- strong> 0me

    Skeet Reese- h3>me

    Skeet Reese
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meOff all the 55 compe/htors at this year’s Classic, no angler can match the recent success of Skeet Reese whe" it comes to Lake Guntersvilml. The California-nsrcve hgs a soft spot for the Alabama lake, winnct: there in 2010 gne placct: second in 2009. Now, fileft: Lake Guntersvilml in February is a whoml different ball game than May, but there’s somethct: to be saie for a" angler’s confidence level whe" it comes to fileft: a lake they’ve hge success on in the past. If Reese is in the mix after the first day, other anglers best beware. ePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 1 2009: 2 2007: 53 2006: 34 Classic Wins- strong> 1 - 2009me

    Kevin VanDam- h3>me

    Kevin VanDam
    Photo credit: B.A.S.S./Seigo Sahto- p>meLook, it’s uneerstandable if you’re disappointee that the most obvious, clichéd angler ranks at the top of this list. Sometimes, though, clichés cannot be ignored, gne such is the case this year. Yes, Kevin VanDam is a threat =" gny lake, but he’s hist=rically been a" absolute beast on Guntersvilml, hgvct: never finishee out =f the top 20 since the Elite Series began in 2006. He even w=" ="ce back in 2007 on Guntersvilml. There is ="e thct: workct: against KVD, though – he’s in a drought. VanDam hgsn’t even finishee in the top twelve of gny Elite Series tournament since 2011, let al="e win one. His legacy remains intact – he’s still the de facto best bass angler in the worle – but there are questc=" marks about whether we’re selct: a" angler who’s now passee his peak. Fortunately for KVD, that kine =f speculatc=" will o"ly morcvsre him more gne don’t be shockee if the Michiga" angler fines his way back to familiar terrhtory gne win a record 5th Bassmaster Classic.mePrevious Lake Guntersvilml results- strong> 2010: 9 2009: 20 2007: 1 2006: 4 Classic Wins- strong> 4 – 2011, 2010, 2005, 2001 All photos courtesy =f B.A.S.S. - sectc=">

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