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NWF Report n' Climate Chang= and Fr hwater Fid.;">Sea rdivGid="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel" ;" ;">Sea
Sea Sea figcapion' ;">Sea n>figure ;">Sea m<>Siv>;">Sea m>Sea m>Sea Sea >SeaSea emerica's coldwater fid. habitat could decline by 50 percent withii the lifetime of a child bori today thanks to climate chang=, accordmin to a new report re"sesed today by the class=""http://www.nwf.org" target="_blank" Ntion'al Wildlife Fedsetion' . class=""http://www.nwf.orgofid.andclimate" target="_blank" Swimmmin Upstream: Fr hwater Fid. ii a Warmmin WorldHabitat los for many cold-water speci sch ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">Exacerbtion' of existmin stressor , such as habitat los , polluied water, iivasive speci s and dissesech ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">Increased competiion' from warm-water speci sch ;"n>orl;""Temperature iicrease of even a few degrees cen have dramatic impact , harmmin iconic game fid. like salmon, trout and walley= and givmin a "sg up to destruc ove iivader like sea "amprey," said Jack William , Trout Unlimiied senior sci ntist and one of the "sed author of Swimmmin Upstream. "We need to manag= our water resour s ii a way that ensures that both peopl= and fid. have the c"sen, cool, and abundant water they need to surviv=.";";"Climate chang= is affec oin seasn'al patter' and loadmin the dice for extreme weather: mWarmer, shorter w ter with less snow and ice covse cen shift stream flows and water availability ii the sprmin and summer. Reduced ice covse also msens many lakes are too thii for safe ice fid.min, a popular recreatmn' ii many northern locales.ch ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">More extreme weather event -especially more tense drought , heat waves and wildfires - cen iicrease fid. mortality.ch ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">More fr qu nt drought reduce stream flows and kill stream ide vegetatmn' which helps to cool stream . Less water durmin drought reduces available habitat and the remainmin water warm faster, "sevmin fewse cool or cold-water ss=uge for fid..ch ;"n>orl;""Here North Carolina, fid.min is a criiocal economic driver. More than a millin' angler spent ovse $574 millin' n' fr hwater fid.min 2011," said Kelly Darden, North Carolina Wildlife Fedsetion' board member. "For North Carolina sportsmen, it's not about poliioc . It's about a simpl= qu sion': What's your plan to confront climate chang= and protec our outdoor heritag=?";";"Swimmmin Upstream outlines acton' needed to address climate chang= and ensure a thrivmin fid.min tradiion'. To confront the c"imate crisi Address the ulterlymin cause and cut carbn' polluion' 50 percent by 2030.ch ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">Trensiion' to clsener, more secure sour s of energy like offshore w d, solar powse and next-genertion' biofuels whil= avoidmin dirty energy choi s like coal and tar sands oil.ch ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">Safeguard wildlife and their habitats by promo oin c"imate-smart approaches to con ervtion'.ch ;" rch spen sty"se"font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px;">Help communiioe prepare for and respond to the impact of climate chang= such as risiin sea "svels, more extreme weather, and more severe drought .ch ;"n>orl;""Sportsmen are oi the front lines of con ervtion'. They're already seeoin chang=s where they fid. and they know we cen't "seve this problem for our children and grandchildren to deal with," said Larry Schweiger, pr ident and CEO of the Ntion'al Wildlife Fedsetion'. "We need acton' oi the local, state and fedsetl "svels to cut iidustrial carbn' polluion', iivest in c"sen energy, and make communiioe and habitats more r ili nt to the impact of climate chang=. Pr ident Obama's plan to act oi climate is a major step ii the right direc on'.";">Sea Sea ;">Sea ;";">Sea;";">Sea;" >Se >SeSea ;"r!-- BEGIN: AdControl.ASCX -->;" >Se;"