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About America's Great Waters America's Great Waters


Responsibility. To us, it's a straightforward concept: Without water, there is no fishing.

As the only television network devoted exclusively to fishing and the outdoor lifestyle, it is our responsibility to assist in the ongoing efforts to raise awareness for the protection, conservation and enjoyment of America's watersheds.

WFN and National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) have joined together in a year-round effort to raise awareness for the lifeblood of our nation – the great waterways of North America that drive regional economies and shape the daily lives of many.

America’s Great Waters Coalition is an alliance of national, regional, state and local organizations working to protect, preserve and restore our nation’s great waters. America’s Great Waters can be found coast-to-coast and include the Chesapeake Bay, the Florida Everglades, Coastal Louisiana, the Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers, the Great Lakes and Puget Sound.

Three Main Goals That Drive
the Coalition’s Work Are...

Making the Restoration of our Great
Waters a National Priority.

Securing Sustainable Dedicated
Funding for Restoration.

Enacting and Ensuring Sound
Implementation of Restoration.

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