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Grumpy old fishermen

by Lunkertime

i was cutting my lawn a while ago
and i noticed my neighbor which is the
grand old age of 83 had his tackle box and fishing rod on his porch.I
assumed the old guy was going fishing in the morning. So i went on my
way cutting my lawn, but being a  fishing nut and a admirer of older fishing gear i pushed
the lawn mower a lil closer so i could  have  peek at the antique fishing rod and reel leaning against his porch.I
couldn’t believe it was completely awesome!.. The set up was nothing like
i ever had seen before. He must have fished alot through his years.The reel looked like  a silver polished reel it gleamed and it had a engraved bass jumping out of the water etched on
the side of it. Watching the prisms of light that reflected off the reel i drifted away for a minute dreaming about all the Lunker fish he must have caught on it ,, The old South bend solid fiberglass rod looked
very interesting and was in well kept condition.
The cork handle on the rod was stained from worms and sparkled with tiny minnow scales.. but also it looked kinda worn and smooth from battling huge fish through out the years!..As i was still day dreaming away about it ., I  was suddenly awakened  by a loud Voice of a pi$$ed off old man that was peering at me through his home window and shaking his fist. He yelled HEY HEY”Hey you Stop eye balling my fishing gear !! “OH sorry about that” i said ..I wasted no time in getting out of there..
 i quickly pushed my lawn mower out of there and  i did not look back.
Getting to back to the
safety of the middle of my lawn ,,i yelled back “Hey  I was just looking and im sorry looks like nice fishing gear”. The old guy yelled back at me “Well OK then!” and then he hobbled out like a old crab and grabbed up his gear and went back inside. So i finished my cutting my lawn and went in for
dinner. After dinner i heard a heavy loud knock on the door
I peeked through my doors peep hole…To my surprise it was the grumpy old fishermen from next door  standing there frowning. I was hesitant to open the door fearing the old guy was gonna lay a thumpin on me or something!! By just
from the sound of his voice earlier i did want to open the door!!. I finally Gathered up the courage to Open it,  THe old angler GLARED AT ME and spit a wad of chewing tobbaco on my porch and said “WELL??WELL? what are you doing just standing there?I was puzzled I SAID WELL WHAT? AND 
he then said are you ready?? READY? READY FOR WHAT ? He spit another huge goober on my porch ANd said ARE YOU READY TO GO??
Huh? Ready to go? i replied? READY TO GO WHERE?? Then he said for Christ sakes
BOY your not very brite are you?DO you want to go fishing or not? YOu KNOW WHAT FISHIN IS RIGHT????. With out thinking i said
well sure why not and continue compliment him on the  nice fishing gear he had.He didn’t
say much but ya ya ya i know and hurry up already!.
So i grabbed my fishing gear and walked over
to his house. Standing outside waiting for him he finally came out. Then the words i didn’t
want to hear came outta his mouth,, BOY I’m driving and your not!!.
 And by looking at the old RUSTY
Ford truck in his drive way i cringed its gonna be breakdown city for sure or worse DEATH! .SO We loaded up the fishing gear and headed off..
As we drove along the country road to his favorite fishing spot i
built up the courage to ask ummm “What are we fishing for today? He looked at me
puzzled and replied  “what are we Fishing  For? HA Fish what else? !!!! I then just shut up and went along for the
ride asking no more questions… Along the way every so often we would pass by a  wood row bluff  or clover patch along the road he would say to me  “You know I shot many jumpers right there and point twith his old weathered finger..Jumpers i wondered? ?To scared to ask what jumpers are i just said “yeah eh it sure does look like a good spot for JUMPERS thats forsure”.
Finally Getting closer  to the fishing spot he picked out  took about 2 good hrs of driving!! . As
we drove closer to the river dam he said hang on BOY my brakes don’t work to good on the old girl no more so im gonna  have to use the Emergency brakes to stop her!. Oh god!  I thought we are going to die forsure were gonna end up in the drink and drown in the river in  this rust bucket! ,, I started prayin in my mind as the truck roared closer and closer to the rivers edge ,,,the old devil
driving it started to look for the E brake with his foot  moving stuff around in the cab in a
rough manner swearing under his breath “”i know the ffing thing is here somewhere”  Finally he found it and Pushed the E brake with all of his might while grasping the streering wheel ..THE old  truck came to a screeching
halt about 2 feet from the river edge!!. After the Dust settled  abit around the truck i jumped out  the cab!! I just shook my head ,,he laughed like a old devil saying HA!!  We made it no problem!no problem! . I just said
in a state of shock” Yep yep  we sure did!”. On the way down towards the
bottom of the river dam two deer popped out in front of us on the path .The old guy said
look at those jumpers!! if i had my rifle with me right now we would be having jumpers for supper .. I then knew what  jumpers were and by the way the deer
jumped away from us jumpers was a good name to call them..I  kinda felt privileged to understand the old guys lingo. So we continued on
walking the down the river edge path ,,To me he seemed to be
more agile than me and he is 50+ years older!. Finally making it to his fishing spot and after setting up up our fishing gear we fished
for hours but we didn’t catch much,, It was slow fishing..And then all of a sudden he looked at me and said Pretty SLow eh Boy? i replied Yep Its slow.. Well he said wait a minute I  have
a ole  trick my grand pappy taught me along time ago when fishin slow,,i will make em bite i will be right back wait. He headed back up the path to his truck ..When returning he carried a large 5gallon metal pail and old mop. ,,
I was thinking OK the old guy has lost his
mind and was nuttier than a squirel turd..,So NOw what the hell is he going to do with the mop and pail? Beat me with it?
As i watched the old man he knelt
down and poured a little bit of what looked like chicken grease from the pail into t river .. He said “Now Watch this BOY ”  he took the mop and dipped it into the
pail and then plunged it into the side of the river channel where it was shallow..He then started to count out loud 1 2 3 4 5 and then he yanked up the mop out of the water!.. HA  to my surprise the mop head  was full of lil
black Bullhead catfish! Flopping around just hanging there off it!
About 10 of THEM stuck to the mop head !!And about a good pound each! HA!! i couldn’t believe it!!. How was
this possible?Well heres how it works the bullhead catfish would bite the mop threads and get there teeth stuck in
the chicken greased soaked mop threads. I Just laughed and said wow what cool
trick for bull heads!!!.
Then he dumped the rest of the chicken grease in the
water. In no time he filled the whole 5 gallon pail to the rim with black shiny bullheads with his mop pail method.
Then we got into the ford and headed for home he said to me you better LIKE eating like eating BULLEHEADS.

The end

PS if any WFN GODS / MODerators read this story and enjoy it and want to send me another WFN abassaduer KIT with the hat and stuff please do i want to give one to that old Grumpy fishermen i know
IT would mean the world to  him
his shirt size is large.  to Xl and
hey thanks and hey i do appreciate you sending me the first kit IT is awesome!
I wear the hat everywhere!!

thanks again